Pho — All Day



In additional to our usual lunch selections, we feature Vietnamese breakfast dishes like rice crepes, grit of corn and coconut milk, flour-less quiche...

Rice flour crepes made with coconut milk.
It is vegan and gluten free). Filled with chick peas paste, bean sprouts and a choice of:

Spinach & lemongrass tofu 

Mushrooms and beets

Escargots and basil

Garlic potatoes and minced pickled radish omelet      
Served with cucumber-herb salad

Grounded pork and garlic potatoes omelet       
Served with cucumber-herb salad

Flour-less crab quiche
with Shiitaki mushroom. Side of cucumber-herb salad

Caramelized pork belly
served on corn and sticky rice grit made with coconut milk